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Once Upon a Time….

The guy on this picture is Christian Arriola, our founder, who had to go through a life-changing tragedy and is the reason why you’re reading this today.

Although Christian is a serial entrepreneur and a true hustler at heart, he works very hard to help people with every company he builds. But in 2017, his life was turned upside down and he shares his story here:

“In 2017 I had to go through one of the worst situations I could ever face…

While I was working hard building a business that I thought it was my dream, I got a call from my family asking me to come over to their home. (This was 2 weeks before my wedding). Of course, this was a very normal phone call; nothing strange to me. So the next day I went to their house to have dinner with both of my parents.

I remember that moment perfectly…

It was the 3 of us at the dining table remembering past adventures and laughing at all we’ve been through. But then the laughs stopped and my heart beat started to pump faster and faster, as they both stared at me… I knew they wanted to tell me something but neither of them would say anything.

I started to worry and I had the feeling something bad was about to happen…

“I have cancer”… are the only words I remember from my dad that day.

I felt like my heart was about to explode out of my chest. I didn’t know what to say; I was speechless for a while… Then I started asking the typical questions: Are you sure? Let’s get a 2nd opinion? What do we do? But no matter how many questions I would ask, cancer wouldn’t go away.

I saw my dad pile up tens of thousands of dollars in debt to pay for his expensive treatment; all the bills were adding up to a sum of money I’ve never seen before. While helping him do research about treatments and ideas on how to fund these expensive bills I came across an article about life insurance with living benefits. I knew he had tried to purchase a life insurance years before his illness (but he didn’t) so I asked him if he knew anything about that.

His answer was clear: “No, the agent was just trying to sell me an expensive policy but he never mentioned anything like that”… This made me so angry!

The next day I called a friend of mine who at the time was about to open his 3rd insurance office. I asked him about this and he confirmed the information; I was in shock! How is it possible that there was something that could’ve saved my dad from so much debt and could’ve paid for all his financial struggles and none of us knew about it?

The next day my new journey began…

I promised myself I would use all my resources and expertise to help 1 million families avoid the hardest struggle I’ve ever been through.

Something I don’t wish anybody…

I started studying like a maniac, devouring dozens and dozens of books and got licensed by the state.

The rest is on your screen: I Am Future Proof was born… The biggest financial family that helps people like you avoid the financial hardships that so many of us go through (whether you want to accept it or not) with products that we’ve simplified for you.”

-Christian Arriola, Founder of I Am Future Proof.

We Protect You Against Things We Went Through

We’ll Save 1 Million Families By 2020

I Am Future Proof was born with the sole intention to help 1 million families avoid financial hardships from life curveballs by 2020.

We’ve all have stories that changed our lives and we want to help others avoid these catastrophes.

What We Believe

We believe that everyone deserves financial help, no matter what stage you’re going through in your life.

We’re A Big Family

We’re a big family caring for other families’ future.


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Meet The Future Proof Family

Meet the Future Proof Advisors who are here to protect you.

Christian Arriola

Founder and Strategist

Considers himself an old soul, loves to read and meditate, enjoys creating youtube videos, and loves anything gadget related.

Amy Tafoya

FutureProof Advisor

Considers herself compassionate, direct, and honest. Loves The Beatles, her family, and traveling.

Darla Montelongo

FutureProof Advisor

Loves music, dogs, tacos, shopping, social media, and passionate about helping others.

Diana Gutierrez

FutureProof Advisor

Fitness lover; likes the smell of old books that have stained yellow pages, considers herself a good friend, and nobody has her dancing skills.

Miriam Lopez

Branding Geek & Editor

She considers herself a perfectionist, passionate for art and music, animal lover (especially dogs), and loves to take runs in nature.

Nancy Ramon

FutureProof Advisor

Loves tacos, shopping for sneakers, spending time with her 2 daughters, likes reading, and enjoys laughing!

Tiffany Tafoya

FutureProof Advisor

Foodie who loves plants, traveling, volunteering and working with kids. Passionate about making a difference.

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