Can I Buy Long-Term Care Insurance For My Mother?


Can I Buy Long Term Care Insurance For My Mother


Great news: the answer to that question is YES!

You can buy long term care insurance for your mother. If your mother is close to 60 years old and does not have any type of life insurance or extra money set aside for their care or funeral expenses, then we definitely recommend getting a policy for your mother.

But remember, because your mother will be the one insured, they will be named as the insured in the policy and will have to sign and have their medical background checked.

They will have to meet the qualifications the insurance company has in order to be accepted and insured. Getting long term care insurance for your mother is very important, as the children will be the one taking care of their parents and expenses as their parents grow older.

Getting this policy is the best way to ensure that you enjoy your parents last days, creating positive memories, rather than stressed and worried about their expenses.


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Pays for Medical Bills

In the case of any critical, chronic, or terminal disease, your policy will mail you a check that you can use to pay for long-term care and medical bills which tend to be $100s of thousands of dollars.

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Return of Premiums

If your future ever changes and you desire to change or terminate your policy, the new policies include the ability to get a percentage of your premiums back.

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Protect Your Family's Future

You can live in peace knowing that if something happens to you, the policy coverage will be delivered to your family’s hands so they can continue living happily.

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