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Benefits of the New Hybrid Life Insurance Policy with Long-Term Care

Protect Your Family

A hybrid life insurance with long-term care protection can make your family future proof and will continue to care for them, even when you’re not around anymore.


Return of Premium

If your future changes later and you no longer need to be protected against life curveballs you can get your premiums paid back and use it for anything.


Living Benefits

If you ever get sick with a chronic, terminal, or suffer a disability, you can use your living benefits to pay for long-term care, medical bills, your mortgage, and fully-replace your income.


Compare Life Protection Plans

In under 60 seconds

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“I wished I would’ve known about Future Proof years ago. Everybody really cares about your future and they go above and beyond to help you get the protection you need. I had bad experiences in the past but these guys were very easy to talk to and I’m looking forward to continuing using their service”. -Laura, Dallas TX

“I’m 28 years old and I thought long-term care insurance was something I didn’t need until I was older. Luckily I got connected to Future Proof from a friend of mine who introduced it to me. After watching all their videos I realized I needed this protection. Thank you so much for making it so simple to understand.” -Claudia, Dallas TX

“It was super easy to talk about my finances with you. I really didn’t understand how long-term care protection worked and you made it so easy to understand. Thank you!” -John, Dallas TX.

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