How Long Does Medicare Pay for Long-Term Care?



Some people are shocked when they find out what Medicare does cover for long term care. News flash: it’s not a lot. Medicare does not cover long term care recipients that need to live in a home permanently because they are no longer able to take care of themselves. It does not cover adult day care or assisted living.

Nor does it cover daily custodial care, meaning needing helping with showering or getting dressed, which is generally what a majority of residents at nursing facilities require.

What Will Medicare Actually Cover?

So now for the good part, what will Medicare actually cover? It will cover skilled medical care, meaning checking vitals and performing medical evaluations,  while you recover, but only after staying in the hospital for three days. Also, It will cover it completely for the first 20 days, but only provide co-pay for the next 20-100 days.

After the 100th day, the cover completely ends. Medicare also covers hospice care as long as you are terminally ill and your doctor certifies that you will indeed be dying soon, preferably within the next six months.

Medicare and Home Health Care

Lastly, Medicare covers home health care. This requires you to be homebound by an injury or illness and you need temporary care from a nurse or therapist. There are limits though; you generally cannot request to have them care for you for more than 35 hours a week, unless your doctor recommends otherwise.

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